I feel like I’m plodding along.  I notice the more protein I eat the less hungry I am.  Imagine that!   The sugar cravings are not really and issue, but I do find myself wanting to have some legumes.   It was a busy weekend in the yard, and I was able to stay hydrated and took a lunch break to fuel up.   I have been reading along with the Whole 30 ® Day by Day and don’t find myself feeling irritable or in a fog, as described.  It may be due to my usual eating habits, which aren’t a lot of processed foods, or I may just  be lucky!  I have not given in to the temptation of hopping on the scale, but I do feel like my stomach is less “bloated” so that is a plus.  I am trying to be creative with cooking, adding fresh herbs from my garden.  I must say that summer, with all the produce options,  makes this way of eating much more do-able.