Many women are understandably anxious when told that they are being referred to a breast surgeon, especially if it is not clear what the problem is. WSG breast surgeons are trained to evaluate and manage patients with breast pain, benign lumps and cysts and abnormal mammograms, in addition to breast cancer. It is important to realize that the majority of benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions do not require surgery.

There are many more options available today for women diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before. While our focus is on the surgical aspects of treatment, patients with breast cancer are treated as part of a multidisciplinary team involving a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, plastic surgeon and other support personnel. Continuing education by reading journals, attending professional society meetings, and tumor boards allow WSG breast surgeons to be aware of the advances being made regarding recommendations for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, molecular testing, genetic testing, and other areas.


Doctors Specializing in Breast Surgery

James B. Harris, MD, FACS

Frieda Hulka, MD, FACS

Brian E. Juell, MD, FACS

Sharon Wright, MD, FACS