General surgery encompasses all of our available procedures. All of our physicians are qualified to perform general surgery, but for an in-depth description of their individual niches, please further browse our medical specialties pages.


Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is the process of using a small video camera and other small utensils to accompany a surgical procedure. The video camera allows an image of organs to be displayed on a monitor. Essentially, this monitor becomes the surgeon’s eyes during the procedure.

Benefits of laparoscopic surgery include:

  • decreased post-op irritation
  • faster recovery
  • shorter stays in the hospital
  • accelerated return to daily activities
  • reduced scarring


Doctors Specializing in General/Laparoscopic Surgery

Martin A. Bain, MD, FACS

Scott M. Cinelli, DO, FACS

Matthew Crapko, MD, FACS

Alyson Crawford, MD, FACS, MSc

Matthew Deeter, MD, FACS

Alvaro H. Devia, MD, FACS

John H. Ganser, MD, FACS

Myron J. Gomez, MD, FACS

James B. Harris, MD, FACS

Frieda Hulka, MD, FACS

Brian E. Juell, MD, FACS

Christopher L. Madsen, MD

Kyle Mock, MD, FACS

James C. Nunley, MD, FACS

Ann E. Pratt, MD, FACS

Nicholas J. Spoerke, MD, FACS

Michael Thomas, MD, PhD

Joe Uccelli, MD, FACS

Amanda C. VanderClay MD, FACS

John Michael Watson, MD, FACS

Lars Webb, MD, FACS

Rebecca Joanne Weddle, MD, FACS

Sharon Wright, MD, FACS