Northern Nevada’s Largest Surgical Team

Founded in 1996, Western Surgical Group (WSG) is now the largest surgical team in Northern Nevada.  With over 20 fellowship-trained surgeons, half a dozen nurse practitioners, and nearly 65 support staff, we are devoted to our patients’ and community’s well-being.

Our Mission

MISSION STATEMENT: We are committed to helping Northern Nevadans take the next steps toward a healthier life with compassionate, patient-centered care.

To achieve our mission, WSG is committed to the following value statements:

1. Recognize and affirm the value of our patients, not just as a diagnosis or condition, but as a unique, individual human being.

2. Treat all patients with compassion and understanding.

3. Provide the highest quality surgical care based on advanced technology and commitment to ongoing surgical education.

4. Conduct our relationships with patients and our colleagues in the healthcare team with respect, dignity, integrity, and fairness.

5. Communicate with the patient’s referring physicians and healthcare team promptly and professionally.

6. Guide our everyday decisions based on “what is best for the patient.”

Whether we meet you in the emergency room or in the office, your well-being is our top priority. We start with you.

Fellowship Trained

In addition to the rigorous training completed by General Surgeons, the majority of Western Surgical’s physicians have completed an additional 1-2 years of fellowship training in their respective field of interest.