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RENO, NV – January 20, 2012 – “The Sleeve Gastrectomy”, a weight-loss procedure that has recently gained worldwide popularity as a safe and effective alternative to Gastric By-pass procedure but with fewer potential long-term complications, is available at Western Bariatric Institute, a leading weight management clinic headquartered in Reno, NV. This less invasive procedure removes a large portion of the stomach to limit food intake and create satiety. Patients eat less and feel full faster leading to weight loss and improved health.
“This procedure is a natural adjustment to the intestinal system,” according to Dr. Mark Kozar, Western Bariatric Institute in Reno, “it has all the benefits of the Gastric By-pass, but without the long term complications of vitamin deficiency and other potential complications of the By-Pass procedure.”
Kozar continued, “While weight-loss procedures, such as The Sleeve, are extremely successful, we also emphasize the importance of lifestyle changes including an exercise program and nutritional changes to ensure maximum results and long-term good health.”

Based in Reno, Nevada, Western Bariatric Institute is a leading force in weight-loss surgery, performing innovative procedures such as adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Western Bariatric’s board certified surgeons are fellows with the American College of Surgeons and have been accredited as “Center of Excellence” physicians through the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. For over 10 years, patients throughout Nevada and California have looked to Western Bariatric Institute for innovative weight-loss treatment, education and extended care. To find out more about Western Bariatric Institute, including the date and time of the their next free informational seminar, please visit or call 877.985.6771.

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