Debbie Scott Pre Op 07282009
Debbie Before Picture

Debbie’s Story

I may be different then some of you out there because I didn’t grow up overweight. I was skinny. Staying thin just came naturally. My mother struggled with her weight but I never thought being overweight was in the cards for me.  Boy was I wrong. I got married at 22 and we got pregnant right away. I packed on 70 pounds with my first pregnancy.  Going from 120 to 190lbs quickly takes a toll on your body. I guess I learned to live with myself, but I was never pleased with who I saw staring back at me in the mirror. For years I tried every diet possible with no success. At some point I realized I needed help and after doing some research, I decided to attend a seminar with Western Bariatric Institute. I am glad I did! It hasn’t been an easy road,  but I am thankful to have gone through the process and come out the other side a healthier woman. I am a great example to my kids and I have the drive to try new things! But most of all, I now love the girl staring back at me in the mirror. I am 110lbs lighter and I couldn’t be happier!

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