You’ve made the first step, you’ve decided to undergo bariatric surgery. This procedure, although minimally invasive, is still a pinnacle step in the path to your new life. Bariatric surgery works, but only if you do! This is a lifestyle change just as much as it is a surgery.

By taking care of yourself after surgery and following the custom-made plan tailored specifically to your needs that our talented Western Bariatric surgeons have created for you, you will see exciting, long-term results following your surgery. Maintaining your heath and weight will always be a balancing act and Western Bariatric Institute understands the process very well.


At Western Bariatric Institute, our goal is to get you up and walking the day of your surgery. We have a talented team of surgeons, nutritionists and expert physical therapists that will be an important resource to you following your surgery.

Depending on your plan and weight, most patients begin life after surgery by beginning a liquid diet for a short period time, following slow and progressive additions to your diet of soft, pureed foods. Because of the type of surgery that you just underwent, it is very, very difficult to keep hydrated and have the right amount of fluids in your body. Following your surgery, your doctor will have designed you a lifelong plan that will include a variety of different vitamins and supplements mostly including B vitamins (B 12s), Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D and likely a multi-vitamin to support immune health and stave off kidney stones and constipation.

Protein, Protein, Protein!

As your body changes, so will your diet and nutrition habits, it’s important to keep up! When you begin your new diet and exercise plans, protein is going to be your new best friend. Western Bariatric Institute offers a multitude of different recipes and healthy snack choices on our blog that will fill you up, get you the appropriate amount of nutrition, and taste great, too!

Avoiding starchy foods and carbohydrates will help you to easily adjust to your new lifestyle, and eventually, you will no longer crave the foods that you used to eat. Of course, we understand that fry here and there is more than acceptable, but sticking to your guns and keeping true to your diet and new lifestyle plan after surgery will ensure continued, life-long success.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Contact Western Bariatric Institute today for a consultation and let’s see if you’re a candidate for surgery. At Western Bariatric, we’re here to help. We are happy to direct towards healthier alternatives and even non-surgical options if that is your decision.