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Weight-loss Surgery Beats Standard Diabetes Treatment in Many Patients, Reno NV

The risk of diabetes in our country is staggering and today more than one-third of the population has been diagnosed with obesity- a serious diagnosis that doubles a persons chance of developing diabetes. For those who are severely obese, his or her risk increases tenfold . Surgery offers the hope of a longterm solution and the possibility of life without a long list of medications that sometimes adds to obesity.

In a recent study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, doctors followed 150 patients with type 2 diabetes for a year, and found that those who had undergone weight-loss surgeries were much more likely to get their blood sugar levels lowered to an optimal point and reduce their use of diabetes medications. Additionally, a similar study conducted in Rome determined that all of their patients were able to stop taking his or her diabetes medications within 15 days of weight-loss surgery. Not only that, but two years after surgery, three quarters of the patients had entered into diabetes remission.

“Over the years, we have seen healthy life-changing events occur post-operatively in our patients,” commented Dr. John Ganser, medical director, Western Bariatric Institute, based in Reno, Nevada. “Therefore, it is rewarding to see the results of these international studies communicated to the general public. Gastric bypass surgery is now finally recognized as one of the most effective method of controlling diabetes. That said, we are hoping that patients will now be offered surgery earlier, rather than as a last resort. And, that insurance companies will see not only the health benefits of bariatric surgery, but the improvement in the quality of life for their subscribers.”

Based in Reno, Nevada, Western Bariatric Institute is a leading force in weight-loss surgery, performing innovative procedures such as adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Western Bariatric’s board certified surgeons are fellows with the American College of Surgeons and have been accredited as “Center of Excellence” physicians through the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. For over 10 years, patients throughout Nevada and California have looked to Western Bariatric Institute for innovative weight-loss treatment, education and extended care. To find out more about Western Bariatric Institute, including the date and time of the their next free informational seminar, please visit or call 877.985.6771.