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Fairlife Milk                                                                                                                                        

Mooove over traditional nonfat milk. There’s a new milk on the shelf that tastes great and has more protein and calcium for the same amount of calories as cow’s milk, a benefit if you’ve had weight loss surgery. Fairlife ultra-filtered milk, made by Coca-Cola, provides 13g protein and 370mg calcium in 8 fluid ounces compared to 8g protein and 276mg calcium in 8 fluid ounces for nonfat milk. The filtration process removes most of the sugars and with an added lactase enzyme the milk is lactose-free. If you’ve complained about nonfat milk being blue and watery, this milk is more viscous and looks more like whole milk.

Fairlife costs more than regular milk but it also has a longer shelf life. You can find it in the dairy case with the other milk at your favorite grocery store.


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