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Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt

I saw this new Dannon yogurt advertised on TV while watching an NFL game. Can you believe it? A healthy food advertised during football?? That’s because it is the official yogurt of the NFL.

Greek yogurt is thicker and has two times the protein of regular yogurt because it requires three times the amount of milk to make it. Greek yogurt is hot on the market but don’t get fooled by the bars, cereals, etc. on the shelves that market Greek yogurt as a coating or additive. The amount of actual yogurt is very small and it’s all marketing.

I am a Greek yogurt eater but I don’t like most of them because they are too sweet so I had to try this one. It worked for me. The Triple Zero comes from 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0 fat. It is sweetened with stevia and the 7 grams of sugar come from the lactose in the milk. The 5.3 oz container contains 120 calories and has 15 grams protein. Another plus that’s not on the front of the label, is that it has chicory root fiber added to provide 6 grams of fiber. There are no weird ingredients and it has live active cultures.

The NFL connection makes no difference to me. I like this yogurt! For more information about Triple Zero click here.


*Program Dietitian Vicki Bovee taste tests and reviews products on the market to help you meet your nutrition and weight management goals with healthier foods.