inbodymachineYour weight has changed but all you see is a number on the scale. That number doesn’t show you the whole picture. If you’ve had weight loss surgery with us, we measured your body composition (body fat, lean body tissue, and water) before surgery. If you haven’t been back for a repeat measurement since surgery and you are more than 8 months post op, it’s time to schedule. It’s good to compare your lean body mass and your fat body mass, preop and post op, to see where you’ve lost weight because it’s not all fat. This information can help you set your exercise, activity, and weight goals to help you make the most of your surgery.

A body composition measurement is good information for everyone. Not all pounds are the same. The scale weight and the BMI chart don’t apply to everyone and they don’t necessarily provide an accurate status of your physical fitness. Knowing how much lean body mass you have and how it is distributed in your body can help you with your exercise and training goals.

To schedule an appointment for your repeat measurement or for more information about a new measurement, call (775) 326-9152, option 3. For more information about body composition, check out this excellent article, “Does Muscle Turn Into Fat?” from the experts at InBody.

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Vicki Bovee, MS, RDN, LD