Western Bariatric Institute is well-known for weight loss surgery and we do that very well. But maybe surgery isn’t for you, or you don’t have that much weight to lose. Or perhaps you’ve had weight loss surgery, and need to get back on track. Whatever your reason for wanting a jump-start into a new, healthy, feel-your-best lifestyle, our new Health & Lifestyle Program is your answer.
We know that dieting doesn’t work. The weight loss in the beginning is exciting, but eventually real life takes over, and the diet is out the window and all the weight is right back on. The beauty of our new program is that it takes real life into account. The Health & Lifestyle program is a structured plan using real food that you choose and minimal use of meal replacements. Our easy to follow food plan doesn’t require calorie counting or weighing and measuring food. Carbohydrates are not forbidden! We focus on quality proteins, fats, and good carbs for a variety of meals and snacks eaten throughout the day. The program also takes vacations, traveling and restaurants into play. All of these factors work to set you up for long-term success instead of temporary results.
The WBI Health & Lifestyle Program lasts for 12 weeks, or longer if you choose. You will initially see one of our doctors, and our registered dietitian will measure your resting metabolic rate and body composition, and get you started on the food plan. The core concept of the program is to give your body the right fuel throughout the day to normalize glucose and insulin levels and decrease hunger and cravings. At the same time, we will teach you how to carry on these concepts long past the end of the program.
Weekly classes provide information and an understanding about healthy eating, a healthy relationship with food, mindless eating, emotional eating, exercise and more. This plan really is a lifestyle program that sets you up for lifelong success with health, weight loss, and a healthy relationship with food.
Diets promise a lot but aren’t sustained. Our Lifestyle program, paired with effort and commitment, will have you feeling better for a lifetime.

We have a state of the art body composition machine for the Health & Lifestyle program. Body composition measures your body fat, lean body tissue, and water. With a baseline measurement we are better able to provide recommendations for physical activity. With changes in diet and physical activity one’s percentage of body fat and lean muscle changes and repeat measurements  allow us to monitor changes for optimum results. This measurement will help keep one’s program is on the right track.
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Body comp machine, non-surgical weight loss
Our Dietitian Vicki Bovee demonstrates the Body Comp machine.