There are a lot of long faces around town today. It was a sad loss for the 49ers and their fans. Those athletes work hard and it’s a heartbreaker to lose by a few points in the last seconds of the biggest game of the year, and for the players, the biggest game of their careers.
Yes, they are disappointed, frustrated, sad, and likely feeling other emotions. But I don’t think any of them are saying, “I blew it. I’m done playing football.” No, those men are going to continue training, practicing, and working at their game. A set back isn’t the end of their career. They are going to analyze films, learn from their mistakes and they aren’t going to wait for the “right time” to get back into training.
We could take a lesson here from the athletes. When you blow it with your eating, it’s not the end of your efforts. A lapse doesn’t have to become a collapse. It’s time to get your game on and get back on track. Like the athletes, we need to analyze why we “blew it” and learn from that situation. Keep practicing and working on your eating behaviors and you will become a pro too.
Eat Smart…
Vicki Bovee, MS, RD