As so many of us are! There are so many benefits that come from turning your life around and making the decision to lose weight, but it’s entire lifestyle change that can be difficult to get used to.

Weight loss is a difficult process, but it is far from impossible. Obesity related conditions and medications regarding these conditions begin to slowly fade away, our appetite returns to a healthy and normal rate, and we begin to crave foods that are actually good for us! The benefits of weight loss are many and there are many different reasons why we choose to start down the path to losing weight either for medical or physical reasons, but we can all agree that starting is the hardest part.

Obesity related conditions can be:

  1. Asthma/COPD (2)
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Liver Disease
  4. Depression
  5. Type 2 Diabetes
  6. GERD/Hiatal Hernia (3)
  7. High Cholesterol/High Blood Pressure
  8. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (4)
  9. Knee, Hip, or Back Surgery
  10. Arthritis

Do any of these apply to you? These are just a few comorbidities that are a result of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. At Western Bariatric Institute, we are dedicated to helping our patients start a new lifestyle they will be proud of.

The decision to move forward with weight loss surgery is not one that should be taken lightly – it takes time, planning and dedication. The talented surgeons at Western Bariatric Institute (WBI) have performed multiple types of weight loss surgical procedures as there are several options depending on the patient and their individual needs. Because WBI has performed so many procedures, it allows us to correctly diagnose and discern which surgical options will benefit you the most.

In many instances, health problems that have been attributed to our patient’s weight loss problems are addressed by the weight loss surgery itself. Often referred to as, ‘bariatric surgery,’ is a viable option for so many to help lose their excess weight and gain back their health, gifting a new lease on life and a changed perception of food and exercise in general.

Do you have questions regarding bariatric surgery? Do you want to know if you are a candidate? Call WBI today for a consultation and let’s discuss your options.